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2000-Today Panoramic of Two Decade Bangkok Thailand.

2010       Travel Photographer for 'the Gig Book of Noodles' Kyle Cathie,Publisher London

2009       Redesign Premier, Central Department Store magaZine

2007       Travel Photographer for 'The Big Book of Thai Curries'

2006       Instructor:Photography,Arts Appreciation 

           Freelance Graphic Designer/Photographer/Illustrator

           'Premiers'Central Department Store Magazine,

           'Di-Chan Women Magazine

2004       Travel Photographer for 'Stylish Thai in Minutes'

           Kyle Cathie,Publisher London

           Freelance Photographer and writer

           Mercedes Magazine,Gourmet&Cuisine Magazine

1998-2002  Travel Photographer of 'Vatch's Thai Street Food'

           Kyle Cathie,Publisher London

     1997  General Manager

           Digital & Craft - The Photographic Studio

1994-1996  Freelance Graphic Designer/Photographer/Illustrator

           'Look' Beauty and Fashion Magazine

1993-1994  Creative Director

           'LOOKS'Beauty and Fashion Magazine

1992-1993  Assistant to the Editor

           'LOOK'Career Women Magazine

1989-1992  Creative

           Extra Frame - Film Production House

           Special Lecturer in Photography/Illustration

           Suan Dusit Raiaphat University

           Freelance Graphic Designer/Photographer/Illustrator

     1988  Creative Group Head

           'LOOKS'Fashion Magazine

     1987  Freelance Photographer/Illustrator

1983-1986  Art Director and Illustrator

           'Di-Chan' Women Magazine

1982-1983  Artist

           AVON Cosmetics (Thailand)

1981-1982  Artist Visualizer

           PETERSON & PARTNER (THAILAND) Advertising Agency

1980-1981  Freelance Illustrator, Visualizer

           'Di-Chan' Women Magazine,'Lalane'Women Magazine,

           Peter & Partner (Thailand) Advertising Agency

1973-1980  Art Teacher


     1973  School of fine Art Department of Fine Art

     1970  Bangkok Christian College          










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